PhD Students

  • Vijay Laxmi Roy

    Vijay Laxmi RoySupervisor: PARTHA PRATIM MAJUMDER

    Brief Description of Project

    An individual is provided medication, whether vaccine or drug, without taking into account the genomic background of the individual; i.e., a one-size-fits-all approach is used.  However, it is known that genetic differences strongly account for inter-individual variability in treatment response, leading to huge wastage of funds and resources. This economic burden can be drastically minimize

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    d by genomic technologies. Very little is known in India about drug-response in relation to the genomic background of medication-recipient. The investigation of genetic backgrounds of recipients of medication can unfold key mechanisms associated with medication efficacy, which could be harnessed to design better medications for overcoming failure and poor response of current therapies.

    Aim of the current study is to identify the genomic correlates of medication response to design a well represented panel of pharmacogenetic markers which will enable screening of individuals. These will help clinicians in selection of appropriate drug and genotype-specific dose. With plummeting cost of DNA sequencing technologies, genetic testing using such a panel will augment clinical decision making to meet personalized needs of each patient providing quality health care, while preventing adverse events and improve many lives.

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