Core Values

We are grounded on the idea that genetics and genomics comprise a powerful body of knowledge and techniques to understand human health and disease. We strive to translate the scientific knowledge acquired by us to transform human health, focusing on health and disease issues that are of high relevance to our nation. Our institution is rooted in fundamental values that define their contributions to society and that endure regardless of who is at the helm. We believe our values are what will set us apart now and in the future. Our actions and plans are, therefore, built on a core value framework.

Our core interwoven values are Quality, Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Inclusiveness and Connectivity.

  • Our Commitment to Quality : We shun complacency and continually strive to be among the best in all we do and to be the best in key areas. Excellence is our standard. We believe that exceptional quality and accessibility reinforce one another-- that one need not be sacrificed in order to meet the other. Indeed, we set ourselves apart by democratizing cutting-edge knowledge and bringing it to our people. We strive to instill our values and knowledge in tomorrow's scientists and citizens to make a change in the quality of their lives. We shall be continuously charged with finding creative ways to carry these out, knowing that doing so is what will make NIBMG a model of 21 st century institution for research, education and knowledge-translation.
  • Our Commitment to Integrity : We are honest, responsible, and accountable. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our scientific analyses and policy positions, our financial management, and our relationships with the partners and supporters who make our work possible. Individually and organizationally, we are honest and forthright, with no hidden agendas. We make decisions carefully and thoughtfully, and stand by our decisions. We do what we say we will do. Ethical practices are not optional to us. We use our resources- so generously given to us by the public- responsibly. We believe in sharing of thoughts, ideas and resources (including space, equipment and funds).
  • Our Commitment to Respect : We respect diversity of people and ideas. We value and respect the diversity of skills, perspectives, needs and aspirations of our faculty, staff, students, collaborators and communities in which we work. We listen to others and take cognizance of alternative viewpoints. We take initiative to understand and appreciate human diversity.
  • Our Commitment to Transparency : All processes implemented in NIBMG, including those pertaining to recruitment, promotion, welfare and purchased are pre-defined and transparent. These processes have been established through wide consultations and are dynamically re-oriented based on feedback from stakeholders.
  • Our Commitment to Inclusiveness : Inclusion underpins and stems from our commitment to quality. Our commitment to inclusion means we embrace opportunities for all. We embrace a full spectrum of backgrounds, experiences and intellectual approaches to enrich conversation and benefit, even as it challenges us to grow and think differently.
  • Our Commitment to Connectivity : We build adaptive, vital partnerships that effectively deploy resources to rapidly meet the changing frontiers of biomedical and genomic knowledge. Internally, we keep our institutional departments and wings permeable. Externally, we strive to connect with those we serve locally, nationally and globally and with the best and brightest minds. We are forward-looking, anticipating tomorrow's issues while addressing the issues of today. We are willing to take responsibility for our role in our community, to work hard and to fulfill our commitments. We perform our work in the spirit of service, where connectivity is crucial.