From the Director's Desk

Dr. Sagar Sengupta

Ph.D. FNASc, FASc, FNA, JC Bose Fellow
National Institute of Biomedical Genomics
P.O.: N.S.S., Kalyani 741251,
West Bengal, INDIA
E-mail: director [at]

It is an honor and privilege to take over the role of the Director of National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) a little more than a month back. I would like to place on record my thanks and happiness for the warm reception which has greeted me from every section of the institute after I had taken over. I also take this opportunity to place on record my thanks to my predecessor Directors who have guided this institute from inception, the past and present members of the Governing Body and the Scientific Advisory Committee. The concerted efforts of all these individuals have allowed NIBMG to reach to the level where it is today.

Since its inception NIBMG has contributed tremendously to multiple areas of genome-based research and applications across various disease-based models. We have set up the most comprehensive labs which is possible to be set up in India for carrying out genomic research. I would like to state that during my tenure as Director, NIBMG the genomic research component will be strengthened and every effort will be made to attain and improve on the world standards in this discipline of biology. For this purpose, researchers will be encouraged to undertake research not only fundamental questions of genome biology but also societal problems pertaining to different disease biology which involve solutions which can be offered by studying our genome. In other words, we hope to take our findings on genomic research and make functional entities which at some point in future can be viable tools for patient care and hence be of societal benefit.

Thus, we hope to contribute not only by cutting edge publications to come out of our work, but also by undertaking societal and outreach activities, thereby taking our research to the common man and taxpayers who have supported us throughout our journey. We hope to reach out to the students of colleges in the immediate region, state and beyond, hope to establish, strengthen and open up platform technologies across different areas of biological science, establish bio incubation centers for innovators, reach out to our national and international collaborators and private enterprises for public-private partnerships – thereby enriching ourselves and helping others in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. All along NIBMG will be carrying out its scientific endeavors within the contours of Government of India rules and regulations and at the same time ensure maximum flexibility and support for its faculty members.

Finally – our country has gone through a lot of hardship and distress in the past few years due to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. It is well known in the scientific community how NIBMG has contributed in the response of Government of India towards the detection and control of the pandemic. I promise that NIBMG will continue to remain in the forefront of similar responses to national emergencies and rise to the occasion whenever the situation arises.

Hence – I invite you to join NIBMG in the next part of its journey. I promise it will be an exciting and enriching journey – not only for every member of the NIBMG scientific, technical and administrative staff but also for the NIBMG Fellows, post-doctoral researchers, students and trainees who make up this unique institute. And I invite the brightest and best who are not yet part of this journey – to join us as we move forward to the next phase.

Jai Hind.
Sagar Sengupta