• NIBMG Society
    The Society of the Institute has a President, who is the Minister for Science & Technology, Government of India, or his nominee (who shall be an eminent scientist relevant to the mission of the Institute). The Secretary; Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser and the Adviser overseeing the programme of NIBMG, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India; Secretary, Health & Family Welfare; and Secretary, Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal; Eminent scientists and clinicians; and, Director of NIBMG (Member-Secretary of the Society) are members of the Society.
  • Governing Board

    The administration and management of the affairs and finances of the Society are conducted by a Governing Board constituted under the Rules & Regulations of the Society. The Secretary, DBT, is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Governing Body. The Governing Body comprises scientists and science-administrations of eminence. The Director of the institute is the Member-Secretary of the Governing Body.

  • Finance Committee

    This Committee is constituted to consider and make recommendations to the Governing Board on issues pertaining to finance, budget and expenditure. The Committee comprises the Chairperson of the Governing Board as its Chairperson, Financial Adviser, Department of Biotechnology, and the Director as the ex-officio members and such other members as prescribed by the Bye-laws of the Society.

  • Building Committee
  • International Advisory Committee

    This Committee comprises scientists, both basic and translational, of international renown to provide advice on the scientific road-map of the Institute.

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  • Scientific Advisory Committee

    The Scientific Advisory Committee, constituted by the Governing Body, formulates the scientific programmes of the institute, review & monitoring the programmes and advise on policy matters relating to research & translational service.

  • Internal Complaints Committee
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  • Institutional Bio-Safety Committee (IBSC)
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  • Committee for Process-Defining and Implementation of Good Laboratory Practices in the Institute
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