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Email:   ss5

Present Position:  Assistant Professor
                              Intermediate Fellow of Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance

Highest educational Qualification:  Ph.D.





Recent Research Highlights:

Despite the improvement in the standard treatment strategies, the 5-years survival rate for oral cancer patients has remained around 50% since decades. Patients frequently show resistance to the given treatment or local recurrence. With the framework of stem cell biology of cancer, we have carried out in-depth investigations on oral tumor biology emphasizing on gingivobuccal oral cancer. Our work has revealed the surprising diversity among fibroblast within the microenvironment of oral tumor as responsible factor for differences in stemness of oral cancer cells. Study suggests that myofibroblast differentiation of stromal-fibroblast provide more conducive environment for aggressive self-renewal of oral-cancer stem cells through differential expression of certain genes. By discovering the CAFs-mediated mechanisms which might restrain cancer cells to a less-aggressive state, our work has provided an opportunity for prognostic classification of patients, who might get better response to the given treatment as well as opened an avenue for targeting tumor-stroma interactions in aggressive tumors.


Patel AK, Vipparthi K, Thatikonda V, Arun I, Bhattacharjee S, Sharan R, Arun P, Singh S. A subtype of cancer-associated fibroblasts with lower expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin suppresses stemness through BMP4 in oral carcinoma. Oncogenesis. 2018 Oct 5;7(10):78