Recognizing the facts that medical genetics cuts across various disciplines of science, and it is not possible to bring in all the expertise required for cutting-edge research and education in medical genetics, a Star Alliance has been formed to create synergy and symbiosis, as described below. The synergy arises from the value-addition provided by various partners of NIBMG. It is believed that ultimately these alliances will become so interwoven that NIBMG and its partners will become completely dependent on each other for carrying out their research. Such symbiotic relationships are essential to good science.

Education Alliance :

Education alliance is required for the success of the educational programmes to be implemented by NIBMG. This alliance will primarily comprise of colleges and universities in eastern and northeastern India . Refresher and Special courses will be conducted for students and faculty members of colleges and universities in a modularized way. These courses will be upgraded to Certificate and Degree Courses over time and will be conducted jointly with relevant institutions

Currently Education Alliance exists with:

  1.   Calcutta University, Kolkata
  2.   Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  3.   Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Kolkata, Mohanpur, Nadia

Clinical Alliance :

Since it will not be possible to retain in-house super-speciality clinicians, clinical alliance is being established with super-speciality clinicians from other hospitals to provide expert clinical advice.

Currently Clinical Alliance exists with:

  1. Dept. of Gynecology, Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute (CCWHRI), Thakurpukur, Kolkata
  2. Dept. of Gynecology, Calcutta Medical College Hospital, Kolkata
  3. Dept. of Gynecology, Jawaharlal Memorial Hospital, Kalyani, Nadia
  4. Child in need Institute, Pailan, Kolkata
  5. Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Kolkata

Bio-specimen Alliance :

This Alliance is being established with all hospitals and district health centres in the epidemiological hinterland of NIBMG.

Currently Bio-specimen Alliance exists with:

  1.   Chakdah State General Hospital, Chakdah, Nadia
  2.   Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital, Kalyani, Nadia

Molecular Biology Alliance :

This Alliance will be formed with relevant departments of the universities and institutions. Alliance will also be forged with service-oriented centres, in order to gain access to certain technologies and expertise that may be unavailable in NIBMG.

Currently Molecular Biology Alliance exists with:

  1.   Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata

Statistical & Computational Biology Alliance :

This alliance will be formed with some major national and international institutions specializing in statistics, computer science or information technology for collaboration in research and training, and also with the industry to provide expert advice and guidance in relevant areas, including clinical trials.

Currently Statistical & Computational Biology Alliance exists with:

  1. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata