Name: Bikram Roy

Email: br1

Position: Systems Analyst

Highest Educational Qualification:  M. Sc. in Computer Science

Past Appointments :

  • Principal Infrastructure Engineer/Team Lead, Mphasis an HP company, Chennai
  • System Analyst, Center for soft computing research, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  • System Engineer (Service), CMC Ltd, Kolkata.

Publications :

  • India Project Team of ICGC (2013). Mutational landscape of gingivobuccal oral squamous cell carcinoma reveals new recurrently-mutated genes and molecular subgroups. Nature Communications. 4:2873 doi: 10.1038/ncomms3837. Member of statistical and bioinformatics analysis group
  • Narayanasamya K, Chery L, BASU A, Duraisingh MT, Escalante A, Fowble J, Guler JL, Herricks T, Kumar A, Majumder PP, Maki J, Mascarenhas A, Rodrigues J, Roy B, Sen S, Shastri J, Smith J, Valecha N, White J, Rathod PK (2012) Malaria Evolution in South Asia: Knowledge for Control and Elimination. Acta Tropica 121:256-266

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