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Training will be imparted by organizing, in partnership with national and international institutions,

  • Short-Term (Summer) Training Programme: NIBMG participates in the joint Summer Training Programme of the three Science Academies in India, and accepts a small number of trainees who are selected and referred to us by the Coordinator of the Programme. The programme will commence during May-June every year. Research activities of faculty members are described on the NIBMG web site ( Prospective summer trainees are encouraged to directly apply to the Programme (please see below for further information about the Summer Fellowship Programme of the Science Academies). Do not apply to the Institute directly for summer project placement. If you have obtained a summer fellowship through the Programme, you may contact us by email to img

NIBMG is not in a position to provide any accommodation to the participants, at this time.

Summer Fellowship Programme of the Science Academies ( Summer Fellowships are awarded to bright students and motivated teachers to work with Fellows of the Academy on research-oriented projects. Approximately 400 such fellowships to students and 100 fellowships to teachers are offered every year with travel and living expenses paid. Announcements inviting applications appear in Resonance and Current Science around November–December, and the selected applicants, notified by February–March, can avail the fellowships for two months during the summer. Since inception, about 1030 students and 270 teachers have availed these fellowships. From 2007, the two other national academies in the country — Indian National Science Academy (New Delhi) and National Academy of Sciences (Allahabad) — joined this programme.

Workshops and Schools on various aspects of biomedical genomics, including genetic counselling, methodology of clinical trials, etc.

Gifted Student Programmes: B.Sc. students who demonstrate a high level of creativity, intellect, motivation and a capacity to excel in subject areas relevant to the field of biomedical genomics will be given the opportunity to participate in the Gifted Student programme. Students selected in this programme will be given special courses in research methodology, provided exposure to research areas and will also be encouraged to carry out short-term wet-laboratory based or computational-laboratory based projects.

Continuing Education Programmes in relevant topics of biomedical genomics, to be held on a regular basis in collaboration with hospitals, medical colleges, basic science institutions (including universities) and the industry.

Industry Training Programme: NIBMG will undertake these programmes to facilitate increasing of affinity between the academia and the industry-- including service providers in the areas of molecular diagnostics, clinical trials, etc. -- in the field of biomedical genomics, which is crucial to the success of translational research. These programmes will have two arms: (a) suitable personnel from the relevant industries will be trained in NIBMG, and (b) faculty members of NIBMG will conduct training programmes jointly with members of the industry, preferably in industrial laboratories, on topics of mutual interest.

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