National Institute Of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) National Institute Of Biomedical Genomics National Institute Of Biomedical Genomics


The Institute is being constructed on a 30-acre plot of land, with academic blocks, student and faculty housing, guest houses and a conference centre.

An interim facility of about 120,000 sq. ft. of floor space, constructed on the upper storey of an adjacent infectious diseases hospital, has become functional, with laboratories, equipment (including flow-cell sequencers, whole-genome genotyping and gene expression platforms, array CGH platforms, high-end computing platforms, etc.), bio-banking facility, office space and class rooms.


Cell Biology Facilities

We have a state of the art tissue culture facility covering approximately 300sqft area with separate module of 100sqft "restricted-entry" sterile cell culture area. The facility is well equipped with all necessary equipment and gadgets needed for the primary culture of human tissues and maintenance of human and animal cell lines which includes bio-safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, digital water baths, cell counters, fluorescence microscopes (both inverted and regular) with documentation system, liquid nitrogen bio-repositories, freezers, chromatography refrigerators, sonicator-tissue homogenizer with sound abatement chamber and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges.

We are also in the process of setting up a separate bacterial culture facility for cloning and expression of recombinant genes. This facility equipped with culture hood, shaker incubator, water bath, high speed centrifuges will be functioning soon. Besides, we are planning to set up facilities for protein expression, Western blotting along with dark room facility.


Sequencing and genotyping facilities

•  Automated sequencers for Sanger sequencing

•  Thermal Cyclers

•  Real-time PCR system

•  Illumina iScan system for genotyping and gene expression


ICGC-India Project Facilities @ NIBMG

•  About 25,000 sq.ft. space for biorepository, laboratory and computational work, bioinformatic analysis and data centre within the interim premises of NIBMG with world class infrastructural support systems for cutting edge technologies.

•  Secure and dedicated 1 GB LAN, EVA-8400 (SAN storage for 150 TB raw and meta data from HP), supercomputing clusters and computers feeding on a completely automated pipeline for high throughput analysis and storage of project data.

•  Sequence capture facility for capture of human exome from genomic DNA by both microarray and in-solution capture tools from Roche-NimbleGen.

•  Next gen sequencing facility consisting of 2 GS-FLX 454 next gen sequencers from Roche for deep resequencing of exome. These generate about 2 gigabases of DNA sequence per day.

•  Illumina iScan facility for genome wide scan based on 1.14 million SNPs per sample and genome expression analysis.

•  Laboratory automation (Biomek 3000), Bioanalyzer (Agilent), Real time PCR (Roche) facilities and PCR Bank (ABI).

•  A specialized and motivated team of wet and dry lab workers deployed on the project work Sequencing and genotyping data being generated and analyzed in a 24x7 operational mode.


Information Technology:

  • High-end computing Clusters
  • Centralized Storage (SAN) capacity
  • Computational LAB with high-end computers
  • Digital Library to access Journals and e-Books etc
  • High end Linux (Red Hat) based application server
  • High end Windows (Windows 2008) based application server
  • 4 MBPS dedicated Internet connectivity for the institute.



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