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The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) is one of the most ambitious biomedical research efforts since the Human Genome Project. ICGC has been launched to coordinate large scale studies to generate high resolution catalog of genomic alterations in tumors of 50 different cancer types/subtypes that have clinical and societal importance across the globe. The studies undertaken by the member countries of ICGC will eventually analyze over 25,000 cancer genomes at the genomic,epigenomic and transcriptomic levels to reveal the complete repertoire of oncogenic mutations with the goal towards accelerating efforts to develop better ways of diagnosing, treating and preventing cancer.

In view of high prevalence and existence of possible interacting environmental factors, India, which is a founder member of ICGC, has decided to focus on oral cancer (in particular squamous cell carcinoma of the gingivo-buccal complex) in the Indian component of the project. The main reasons for selecting this cancer type is as follows:

  • It is the most common form of cancer in men in India and has a very high age-adjusted risk.
  • The site of distribution of oral cancer in India is considerably different from that found in western countries.
  • While over 70% of tongue cancers have the propensity to metastasize, less than 50% of the gingivobuccal cancers have been found to metastasize.
  • Leukoplakia and sub-mucous are two types of pre-cancer lesion that can help track temporal genomic changes in gingivo-buccal cancer.

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